Personal Injury Attorney

Have you been injured?  Does it keep you out of work?  Do you believe your injury may be due to another party’s negligence?  If so, contact a personal injury lawyer at GKDSM today.  Our personal injury attorneys are experts in all aspects of Georgia codes and laws.

We at GKDSM understand that sustaining a personal injury can be devastating.  Many personal injuries affect all aspects of a client’s life, including their career.  Almost every day, we see the physical, financial, and emotional toll that injuries and accidents put on our clients and their loved ones.  Let the law offices of GKDSM help you put your lives back together.

Don’t let your injury keep you down.  You may be entitled to thousands of dollars that you never even thought about.  Call us today at  404-252-2020 

Business Lawyer

Are you opening a business?  Or has your business been wronged by another company or an individual?  Whatever your case is, the complex maze of Georgia business law can be a difficult place to find yourself.  But don’t worry.  Here at GKDSM, our dedicated team of attorneys has extensive experience in business law in the state of Georgia.  We offer effective legal counsel and advocacy in virtually every niche of Georgia business law.

Since 1951, GKDSM has been counseling Atlanta businesses from their initial concepts, corporate formation, shareholder partnership agreements, negotiation of leases, management of employees, drafting of contracts, business litigation, mediation, arbitration, and preparation of the business for sale or purchase.

Nowadays, many business lawyers try a churn and burn approach.  But not here.  At GKDSM, we take the necessary time to sit down with our clients and educate them as we go through the various legal processes required to open and maintain their businesses.  So if you have questions about business law in Georgia, call one of GKDSM’s experienced attorneys today at  404-252-2020

Auto Accidents

Have you or your loved one been injured in a car accident?  Have you lost your ability to work due to the accident?  Do you experience chronic pain?  Do you need physical therapy?  If an automobile accident has affected you or a loved one, you may be entitled to financial compensation.  The experienced car accident lawyers here at GDSM can help.

All parties involved in car accidents, as well as their families, can be deeply affected by an injury. In Georgia, and especially Atlanta, car collisions are common due to the heavily concentrated population, gridlock, and ridiculous commutes. In car accidents, many victims suffer debilitating injuries that restrict their daily lives. A majority of these people require ongoing therapy and long-term care. With serious injuries, victims lose essential income from missed work and family responsibilities become unmanageable.

Here at GDSM, our experienced car accident lawyers can help guide you through this complex process. Our dedicated team of auto accident attorneys strives to help relieve some of the pressure on you and your family.  This allows you to concentrate on recovery while we focus on your financial compensation.

Call one of our dedicated car accident attorneys today at 404-252-2020